Until now, theater did not have to go that far. Coincidence that wants to become in our lives, to take over us without words of comment, found in our collective memory of giving proper natural contact with our own reality. Drama arises, personal performance. Always ten characters. The actors and the audience, beautiful world of ideas, fears and important issues, things deep and inexpressible. Fill it with its own themselves, their own idea. Brings you a feeling of apprehension about something personal, and allows us to recover a lost sense of common language. Authorities. Lead the way of a creative Recipient - Actor of urban world. When you create, the world slows down for a moment, cease to flee.

The project is addressed to the world of theatrical and drama schools that elect their representative (professor / educator) to represent at the international arena

Representatives of schools form the Council of Theatre Games, which decides the fate of the project and further rules

Project participants must be students, professors, educators, actors, directors who receive their username and password to the Theatre Games site, which is the communication tool of all participants and invited guests to the Theatre Games

The main aim of the Games is a joint work of all schools, students and authorities on one part of the text of a play, and that the exchange of views on the theater and art

Election of art, including the type, grade, type, author, title, and length of the text to determine the scope of art, is a joint decision of the Council and schools of Theatre Games

Work on the chosen art is limited by the Council of Theatre Games and autonomously by each school teams composed of teachers and students, who can post on the website about the Theatre Games, beginning from the first organizational meetings, through educational processes and preparation, the final results, which is one of the greatest values ​​of the Theatre Games

The "Lines" dialog box contains the posting by the school (teams) ideas, thoughts, suggestions, exchange ideas, post relationship with its work, posting photos and videos, discuss the work of all schools

The "The Bench" is a theatrical stage of Theatre Games, which lets you arrange a cast of Games, where the scene can sit anyone who consolidate their image with photograph, taken in any pose, a reference point for the camera - right at the height of 130 cm

All the characters on the bench, Theatre Games participants can freely add / subtract to create their own Bench - Theater Games stage

Action of Theatre Games is unmarked and unlimited in time and space, divided by the "high points", assuming a meeting of all the schools in one place, in order to arrange scenes - benches, placed in fact, a "virtual", in the real space

Theatre Games - The Bench arrangement associated with the issuance of art, of which the works were carried out jointly by the participants, as a single, international, cross-cultural work

The Bench also becomes a tool for the organization of workshops for students from the authorities, masters of their domain

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